Kyushu University The Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies Department of Urban Design,Planning and Disaster Management,Department of Architecture

Department of Urban Design, Planning and Disaster Management

This interdisciplinary department combines advanced education and research in urban design and planning,architectural engineering and environmental psychology to explore the new frontier of complex urban affairs from the viewpoints of human amenity and safety. Students are expected to take initiative and solve the current urban problems, such as urban redevelopment, community planning and seismic and wind disaster, by integrating engineering technology and planning methodology.

Urban Design Course

"Urban Design Course" aims at the design of urban environment based on the philosophy of environmental symbiosis, coupled with the simultaneous fostering of studentsÕ understanding of the unique background to Asian cityÕs society, culture, history and life style.
Through fieldworks in foreign cities,students learn skills, theories and research methods for the environmentally symbiotic urban planning and design as well as community planning. The course intends in this concept, in addition to the training of specialized urban designers and physical planners,to educate future generation of researchers capable of creating urban design theories and technologies through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Disaster Management Course

"Disaster Management Course" conducts instruction from the standpoint of disaster management regarding the mechanisms of seismic and wind disaster. Simultaneously, lectures examine causes of vulnerability inherent in present-day urban areas, establish evaluation methods concerning human risk factors and their prevention,and teach via Želdwork which includes a practicum in quantitative measurement of urban environment basic safety systems design. In this manner, in addition to the training of high-level engineers, the course intends to nurture futures generations of researchers who are capable of drafting urban disaster prevention plans.

Sustainable Architecture and Urban Systems CourseEProgram

"Sustainable Architecture and Urban Systems" course and program train students to elaborate methodologies and technologies for the innovation of architecture and urban systems, which leads to solve emerging problems on human environment as well as global climate. This program and course provide students with opportunities to work up advanced knowledge and skills required in order to be architects,planners, engineers and researchers who will have initiative to implement the policies, theories, planning and design methods for the sustainability of our future societies.